Insighters launch first 3rd generation video laryngoscope in the world by offering clinicians following innovations:

1. One handle for all kinds of patients, ensure efficiency, convenience,and affordability;

2. Powerful multi-media sharing function, satisfy the demand for teaching;

3. 1 million pixels resolution, see clearly, do easily.

Clinical Application:

◉ Routine airway intubation 

Turn on and ready to go, get unprecedented view of patients’ airway, insert the ET tube immediately, iS3-L video laryngoscope can be powerful and reliable tool for doctors in Anesthesia, OR, ICU and first response in normal airway intubation.

◉ Difficult airway intubation

iS3-L video laryngoscope is ideal solution for intubating patients with difficult airway, more easily to find the glottis and do the intubation accurately. 

◉ Emergency Rescue

Paramedics and first responders are often faced with treating patients who need immediate action to secure the airway. iS3-L video laryngoscope allows for rapid intubation with high rate of first-pass. No matter in Emergency room, in outdoor scene rescue or on an ambulance, always on the go with doctors. 

◉ Cervical Spine Immobilization & Spine Management 

Facing C-spine injured patients, safely intubation in small mouth opening, rotating the monitor instead of adjusting patients’ posture to get a clear view of patients’ airway and intubating accurately. 

Video Laryngoscope