Contec Bc400 Clinical 11-Parameter Urine Analyzer Machine

1.High-luminance and white LED, features in long life and good stability.
2.Big LCD to display aboundant contents, and Chinese and English interface are optional.
3.User-friendly interface to achieve man-machine conversation.
4.International unit, conventional unit and symbol system are optional.
5.Three modes (One-Step testing, Slowly-Series testing and Quickly-Series testing) are optional, which is convenient for different users.
6.Monitoring the whole testing process, auto-character and audible-control prompt.
7.Compatible with 8, 10 and 11 items of testing paper.
8.Free choice to testing paper type produced by different factories.
9.Standard RS-232 and USB interface.
10.Built-in thermal printer.

Technical parameters
1.Testing items: GLU, BIL, SG, KET, BLD, PRO, URO, NIT, LEU, VC, pH.
2.Testing theory: RGB tricolor testing theory.
3.Repetition: CV≤ 1%.
4.Stability: CV≤ 1%.
5.Display: 2.8 color LCD.
6.Working mode: One-Step testing mode, Slowly-Series testing mode and Quickly-Series testing.
7.Testing speed: 120 pieces/hour or 60 pieces/hour.
8.Data storage: Storage of 1000 test items, freely query in term of testing time and sample number.
9.Printer: Built-in high-speed thermal printer.

Urine Analyzer