Medical Grade Oxygen Concentrator

*For Medical UseMedical oxygen supplied by the concentrator is beneficial to cure the respiratory disease or heart and blood vessel system, chronic pulmonary system, the brain and blood vessel system, chronic pulmonary tuberculosis, and other oxygen lacking symptoms etc.

*For Health UseMedical oxygen can be used for athletics and intellectuals and brainworkers, etc. to eliminate fatigue and also suit for the departments of health care, sanatorium, healthy, plateau military camps and hotel and other places where need oxygen.

Details of Product:

Model: KJR-Y51

Brand Name: KCareu

Flow rate: 0-5L/min

Oxygen purity: 96±3%

Power Supply: AC220V, 50Hz

Noise level: ≤45dbLCD

Net weight: 15.5kgs

Manufacturer: Hefei Kangjuren Intelligence Science & Technology Co., Ltd., China.

Oxygen Concentrator