Vertical Autoclave Machine

medium-size (Approximate 90 Liters)Vertical Autoclave Fully made of Stainless Steel. Lid is fitted with pressure gauge, safety valve, extra safety valve/fusible plug, manual exhaust valve and vacuum breaker cum purge valve. Moulded neoprene gasket. Drain Valve at bottom with Safety and pressure control devices, stainless steel Large size, self control and auto-release of pressure

Apply for process industries, including Pharmaceutical Industries, Chemical & Fertilizers Plants, Oil & Gas Industries, Petrochemical Industries, Food & Dairy Industries and Desalination Plants for global clients.

  • Damp warmth at 134 degrees Celsius × 3 minutes ( pressure – 30 psi ).
  • Size Range : 45 - 90 Liters 
  • Local Made (Bangladesh).

Autoclave Machine