CPAP hose cover have many uses all of which are beneficial for different reasons. Some of those reasons include stopping rainout, limiting noise and others. I believe it will solve some of your problems.

When you use the humidifier on your CPAP machine, the air inside the hose is warm. When the air outside the hose is cooler, water can start to condense. This is the same process that makes cool drinks "sweat" on a warm day, except a rainout happens on the inside of the hose. Sometimes it builds up so much condensation that it ends up making it to your mask and splashing your face.

You can turn down your humidifier settings, but that might not stop a rainout.​ The best way to prevent rainout is by using a CPAP hose cover (also called a CPAP tube cover.) The best CPAP hose covers act as insulation, reducing the chance of condensation.

When that condensation builds up, some people will turn up the heat in their bedroom. This is unnecessary and can give you a shock when you get your heating bill.

Others might just turn down the temperature of the humidifier. That can end up blowing cold air into your mask making it uncomfortable to sleep.

A CPAP hose cover is the best way to prevent a standard CPAP tube from the dreaded rainout.

CPAP hose Cover