BMC F5A Full Face CPAP Mask / BiPAP Mask

The BMC F5A CPAP Mask is a new and latest addition to the BMC Full Face CPAP Mask / BiPAP Mask range for sleep therapy users in Bangladesh. The F5A Full Face Mask is a forehead frame-free CPAP or BiPAP mask designed to provide a clear field of view without the obstruction of forehead support, therefore, delivering superior comfort throughout the night.


  • Forehead Frame-Free Design, similar to the BMC F5A Full Face Mask
  • Quick Click Frame Attachment for effortless reassembling after cleaning.
  • FlexiGroove Auto-fit cushion for maximum comfort.
  • 360° Ball and Socket Elbow Rotation ensuring freedom of movement
  • Single Layered Soft Cushion
  • Easy Release Clips for quick attachment and removal
  • 3-Part Assembly
  • 4 convenient Velcro adjustment points

BiPAP Mask/Full Face Mask